A New Path.

Welcome to my favorite place.

There was a day many summers ago that I sat at my family’s shared laptop screen and I read the culmination of a blog I have since read six more times in its entirety. Casey Scharetg, my wonderful cousin and ultimate inspiration, invited me into a world of words that has moved me to tears and laughter. It has become a dream of mine to have the same dazzling effect on my own readers. I have chosen this beautiful space to share with you the intricacies of the world I experience; it is up to you to react, to cry, to laugh, to think. I will produce content with the hope that it leaves you changed after the brief moment you spend here with me.

For those of you who have been following my thoughts for some time now, you will know that there was a slight stepping stone that brought me here. The Odyssey was a fantastic learning experience for me; with it came expedited growth as a journalist and editor. I will always be thankful for the lessons I learned from my peers in that short time. However, I was being complacent, and complacency is not acceptable in the pursuit of our dreams. I want freedom in my creative thought, in the process I choose to use to create content for my readers, in the way in which my content is shared with you. The only way to ensure that complete freedom is with my own self-regulated blog. This is all me here: raw, untethered, and unfiltered.

I am here now to share the minute details of my life. I do not aspire to be relatable or easily digested. Some of my posts may hurt your heart (here’s a secret, they probably hurt mine too). Some of my posts may cause you to think in a way you never have before (here’s a secret, it’s okay to disagree with me). Some of my posts may make you uncontrollably happy, or proud, or smitten with joy for the world we get to explore. I hope to make you feel when you visit me here.

This is me, my fully authentic, genuine, sincere self, cordially inviting you to feel something with me, if only for a brief moment.


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