What’s Your Next Move?

The world won’t wait for you to be ready. It doesn’t stop spinning while you set up your shot. There is a script somewhere with all of the scenes the world will pass through, just waiting, ready to release into the moment. The sand in our hourglasses drops grain by grain until the last one falls, and no one will ever know how many grains are left until it’s too late.

But every grain of sand is a moment, a chance to run forward in life, to make that grain stand out amongst the rest of them because in that second, a move was made. We are not strong enough to manipulate time, and our scripts are written into stone, but every one of us is in the right place at the right time for the right story to flow. And there’s nothing scary in doing what we were always meant to do.

It doesn’t take much effort to be ourselves, at least it shouldn’t, because alongside our scripts are our character outlines, and some of us evolve through time and some of us are fully developed and some of us are neglected into the background, but every single one of us has a defining quality we can use to shine in our own scripts. You are the main character in a universe centered around you. You are the product of combusted stars, of recycled light, of reprocessed beauty. You will soon become the soil for growth, for the resurrection of forests, for the dandelion wishes of young children searching for themselves. But right now, in this very moment, you are on Earth, with your own thoughts and your own dreams, and they mean something. You are not in the position to live life gently.


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